The Founder of iLoveToReview, Adam Hudson, is a successful Amazon Seller who built the community to get honest reviews of his own products on Amazon. After seeing the dramatic effect reviews had on page conversion and then the subsequent rise in his organic Amazon ranking, Adam realized that his community of reviewers might be able to assist other Amazon sellers as well. Initially he approached his friends who were also Amazon Sellers and they too experienced dramatic results in very short periods of time. Where in the past it had taken them months to get just a hand full of reviews, Adam was able to get them 50 or 100 reviews in just weeks.

In the early days there was some trepidation from sellers worried about the risk of getting poor reviews if they pushed out their products to so many people at once. Right from Day 1 Adam has been adamant about ensuring that iLoveToReview reviewers always felt no obligation to be biased in their reviews and that reviews from his community should reflect the same quality and rating as reviews from any other transaction on the same product. As Adam says, “Good products deserve good reviews and bad products deserve bad reviews.” It’s that simple. Even with that ethos in place, to date better than 80% of all reviews created by iLoveToReview reviewers are 4 or 5 star reviews, thanks in no-small-part to the wonderful product partners who use the service.

Today, iLoveToReview, together with it’s product partners, has given away hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of free and discounted products and has quickly become one of the most sought after Amazon seller services in the world.