Amazon: Right Place Right Time for Sellers

By Tina Marie Bueno | September 29th, 2016

Anyone reading this post is most likely already a Seller on Amazon. How about a confirming Right Place Right Time inspirational message? Take a look at these satisfying stats from a Bloomreach study that were reported in a CNBC article/video earlier this week:

  • 55 percent of consumers begin their online shopping searches on Amazon’s site. Up 11 percent from last year.

  • 28 percent of people said they start their hunt on a traditional search engine, down from 34 percent last year.

  • 16 percent make another retailer’s site their first stop.

  • 90 percent of shoppers said they’ll still compare Amazon’s selection or prices even when they find a product they want on a retailer’s page.

  • 94 percent of respondents say they plan to shop on Amazon during the holidays.


These are exciting numbers for all Amazon Sellers, especially as many have already launched year-end holiday strategies. Are you ready? Be sure to read my last article for ideas on how to bolster your Amazon Q4 sales.

Of course the year round main goal is speeding up your conversion rate to make everyone happy (including Amazon). This makes optimizing your listing Titles, Keywords, Bullet Points and Descriptions for discoverability a constantly adjusting priority so that all of those shoppers whose go-to product search engine is Amazon.

Review the ever-changing guidelines for your Category to confirm maximum search keyword utilization. Leave nothing to chance.

For any Merchant wondering if they missed the ground floor opportunity of Amazon, let CEO Jeff Bezos words be a lingering motivational thought: “It’s still day one.”  

Click here to read CNBC’s the full article.