What I Learned Directly From Amazon Legal (with actual emails) & Why I Believe That Many Sellers Are Unknowingly Putting Their Seller Accounts At Risk

By Keith O'Brien, CEO | November 8th, 2016

Imagine you’re getting ready to go to sleep for the night. You are reflecting on your nearly 2-year-old, 7-figure business that just finished back to back record months.

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Important Amazon Update On Customer Reviews

By iLoveToReview | October 4th, 2016



On Oct 3, Amazon released this update to the Terms of Service

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Amazon: Right Place Right Time for Sellers

By Tina Marie Bueno | September 29th, 2016

Anyone reading this post is most likely already a Seller on Amazon. How about a confirming Right Place Right Time inspirational message? Take a look at these satisfying stats from a Bloomreach study that were reported in a CNBC article/video earlier this week:

55 percent of consumers begin their online shopping searches on Amazon’s site. Up 11 percent from last year.

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5 Ideas to Bolster Your Amazon Q4 2016 Sales

By Tina Marie Bueno | September 28th, 2016

It’s that time of the year (already!) when scheduling and preparations take on a new level of anticipation that requires a honed focus: Amazon Q4 2016 sales. Like Prime Day (Amazon’s annual largest shopping event), you need a plan to make 2016 holidays a success. You know it’s time to gear up when a recent Reuters/Ipsos poll found that 51% plan to do most of their online shopping at Amazon this holiday season, compared to 16% at Wal-Mart, 3% at Target and 2% at Macy’s. There are reasons that warrant those...

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Surprising Amazon Approved Insert and Email Content

By Tina Marie Bueno | September 20th, 2016

Selling on Amazon is not e-business as usual. Merchants scramble for attention amongst the competition (which ironically includes Amazon itself). Amazon is renowned for its customer centric focus and if you’re a Seller on this platform, their focus is automatically yours too. Assuming trademarks are Brand Registered, the product page is...

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Revive Dead Amazon Inventory

By Tina Marie Bueno | September 13th, 2016

No matter how much research goes into selecting the best products to sell on Amazon, success can hardly be guaranteed. For many Sellers, it takes multiple good ol’ fashion edge-of-your-seat product failures before discovering the golden ones. Even seasoned Sellers find product line expansion to be a similar pattern: Hit or miss. Do you have more than a desirable amount of misses sitting in Amazon’s warehouses collecting dust and requiring long term inventory fees? How much of your precious cash flow is tied up in flatlined FBA inventory? It’s time to rewrite that story.

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Amazon’s Prohibited Seller Activities Update

By Tina Marie Bueno | September 8th, 2016

Did you get the email notification from Amazon regarding an update to their Prohibited Seller Activities and Actions? Not ringing a bell? I don’t remember getting one either. Amazon has a way of posting cryptic notifications in their Headlines such as this one on July 3rd:

Important Policy Review Notification, Jul 3, 2016


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5 Wise Amazon Seller Pricing Tools

By Tina Marie Bueno | September 6th, 2016

Why is figuring out the right price for Amazon products so challenging? Welcome to the new age of e-businesses where playing in a whole other ecosystem is the norm. Let’s face it, there are factors unique to the Amazon platform, including: The Buy Box feature, a higher number of competitors concentrated on one site and the fact that buyers can compare prices without searching beyond one listing, or conveniently find similar products all on page 1. This also means staying competitive on Amazon is no place for those with a set and forget mindset–especially when talking about product pricing. The plan to be the...

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Are Your China Sourced Amazon Products at Risk?

By Tina Marie Bueno | September 1st, 2016

If you’re a Private Label Seller on Amazon, you’ve done your homework for product suppliers. No doubt you investigated quality, MOQs, pricing, freight costs, etc. and ended up sourcing from a Chinese manufacturer. You’ve most likely mastered inventory management balancing sales volumes, U.S. holidays, China’s factory holidays plus shipping time. All have been factored into your profit margins and Amazon sales price. However, unless you have a functioning crystal ball, you probably couldn’t have anticipated the news this week that may seriously impact your whole inventory and pricing system: South...

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Seller Feedback: Crucial For Your Amazon Business

By Tina Marie Bueno | August 31st, 2016

If you’re a Seller on Amazon, most likely you are also a buyer. When placing orders, do you take the time to give Seller Feedback? You know, it’s the button that looks like this in your order history:

Clicking on Leave Seller Feedback would take you to this 3 question survey, with star ratings plus a 400 max words comment box:

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