Fiverr Fiasco – Amazon Cracks Down On Fraudulent Reviews

By iLoveToReview | October 21st, 2015

Opportunity attracts all kinds of people.

The massive opportunity for people to market products on Amazon’s sites around the world attracts all sorts of sellers. Some play by the rules while it seems other people are constantly trying to figure out how they can game the system.

This is true when it comes to service providers as well.


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Amazon TOS Changes Regarding Manipulating Rank

By iLoveToReview | August 28th, 2015

As most of you know, over this past weekend of 8/22, quietly updated their terms of service in regards to Prohibited Seller Activities specifically around manipulating sales rank.

The update has caused lots of conversation and even more speculation as to what it means. Both are understandable as the added sections are vague and very open to...

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From Failing To Profit In 24 Hours

By iLoveToReview | March 17th, 2015

There’s a very famous book called “Acres Of Diamonds” which tells the story of a prospector who famously spent years (and a small fortune) digging for diamonds on his diamond claim. Without success, he eventually gave up and sold his lease for pennies on the dollar to a new prospector. This new guy hired a geologist who undertook some basic study and discovered that the previous lease owner had stopped digging literally a few feet from one of the largest diamond reserves in history. It’s a great story and a salient reminder that in business, a little bit of the right information can completely change your...

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Are You Really Making Money On Amazon?

By iLoveToReview | March 11th, 2015

Sometimes when you’re building an Amazon business it feels like you’re on a slow road to nowhere. The Amazon Seller app on your phone tells you that you’re making sales and the exciting little graphs make your heart flutter, but for some reason there’s a knot in your stomach and a quiet little voice that keeps whispering, “Am I really making money on Amazon?”

Sadly, many Amazon newbies have found their way to Amazon through mass-marketed courses and seminars where the gurus only ever talk about gross sales and never about margin, fees, advertising costs and the...

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